How we calculate our fees


The Pink Jackalope covers a lot of different jobs that will fall in different categories of taxation, risks and insurance coverage. We decided to make one only fee for all the profiles we cover in order to cover the taxes, the FICA and our work. Using a documents from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on March, 19, 2019, we valued that our highest risk was 35.3% of benefits such legal benefits and insurances. On the Gusto website, they explain the pay stub with more details. The part of the take home pay is 62.68% and the benefits are 37.32%.

We automated our payment system so employees get paid when the customer is paying without any delay. All the prices on our employees website is the “take home pay”. The fees are calculated during the checkout process. For one dollar “take home money”, the customer will pay 67cts, what makes a percentage of 60% for the employee and 40% for the Pink Jackalope to manage and process the payroll.

On an average basis, the employee pays less than 3% for our services, plus the cost of Paypal if they use this method of payment. The customer is charged less than 3% for processing the payrolls. The Pink Jackalope functions on the 6% left to pay its staff plus we relay on our membership subscriptions to pay all maintenance fees.

All our employees are “commissioned”. To learn more about the Law on Commission-Based Pay for Sales, please refer to this website.


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