Architecture & History

Architecture in Los Angeles is fascinating. The huge diversity of cults brings many cultures together and the central industry in Hollywood has created a hub of influence that both benefits and attacks spirituality. In many ways, Los Angeles is a platform to the world like Constantinople has been in the past. The religious influence in Los Angeles has no frontier in and out, and the largest monuments are for cults. You cannot drive thru Los Angeles without noticing the vast and grandiose religious architecture.

This website is a collection of my research to narrate the history of religion and to explain my philosophy, I compare past events to the modern life in Los Angeles. With my micro, I bring you in Los Angeles thru a tour in space and time. Each episode has two parts. Part one is about history since the birth of humanity. Part two is Los Angeles and its parallel in space and time to other parts of the world at different epochs. I also give lectures of books I have read and I create experiences to bring my audience into a philosophical journey.

There are 50 episodes to narrate human history thru an architecture built by people of influence who either participated in religion for their faith, the politics, the business or their ownership on the land. I have chosen to podcast rather than to tape in order to frame my narration into a very descriptive tour where I also interview people, read books and create an audio theatrical expression of my philosophy. You can support my work by hiring me for lectures, buying my tracks to share on your blogs, buying my drawings, or making donations. All donations, even small, are precious to the realization of this project.