August 5, 2019

I wanted since a while to create a tour of Los Angeles’ religious buildings. I am always fascinated by the huge quantity of churches, temples, synagogues and many times, I would like to stop, take a look inside until something reminds me that “maybe not“. It’s not that I am shy, but I never know how people are going to react to my curiosity and while taking a chance, why to lose this chance if it comes out special. Why not recording it, remembering it, why not to share it also.

Now I have a purpose: I have a story to tell. Now I have reasons for having a micro and a camera. Now I have an identity as a reporter and as a researcher. Hey, I am in the top 1% of People all around the world read me.

People read me, but they don’t know me while friends and family always ask that I write a book about my long eccentric life. I have been too lazy for that so far, but the more I get older, the more I realize that I might lose my memory. The more I realize also that when I talk, I refer to “the past” as something really different and my eccentricity brought me to witness life a way that many people have never experienced. I think it’s time for a backup and this is all this blog will be about. Talking about me, my travels, the reason why I see what I see and I understand life a particular way.

I have decided not to write, it lacks the spontaneity and the mobility I need in my schedule. I might post often without editing, straight live like giving a phone call to a friend. You may comment in the Golden Book. All comments are disabled on the blog because I am way too sensitive to manage them and I don’t monitor the voice messages left in the Golden Book. Being good or bad, it is what it is. I only monitor written messages to delete unwanted comments and pictures.

I made this “radio” in response to my “success” on My syllabus about the African history is ranked in the Top 0.5% and I thought that I owed some explanation about this, how I relate the African History to the History of Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. A “Labyrinth in the City” is partly an academic lecture, partly a philosophical discussion, partly a self-motivated discussion and mainly it is a testimony of my scholastic. I invite my readers to better know me and better understand why I interpret history with my vision.