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We offer a large range of services and this website is one of them. You will find useful to learn all the potentiality that this website can offers:


The button “buy our services” on the top right of all the pages bring customers to a map where they can select the employees from any area of the US. We plan to extend our offer to other countries.


The section “sell your services” is totally free to register. If you want to offer your services under the parachute of the Pink Jackalope, you need to sign an employment agreement that is emailed to you with your registration. You can start to create your vendor’s space once your registration is complete. To learn more how to create your personal vendor’s platform, please register to our online classes.

For the first payment you receive, the money is hold until you return all the documents to complete your full registration as an employee. All informations are confidential and all documents your email are removed from our server to be stored on a different secured area.


One very important tool we provide on The Pink Jackalope is our Moodle. Our employees are provided their personal Moodle space once all employment paper work is complete and they can use all the tools we provide for free, without limitation to collaborate with their customers. They can manage meetings, projects, their public courses, private classes, archive their business documentation, and have a virtual office to work anywhere any time professionally.

We have different levels of tools accordingly to the profile of your customers, parents, children, teenagers, low educated adults, highly educated adults, foreign customers in a different languages, you can collaborate with a full team of clients and co-workers around you.

Our virtual classes help to engage with the customers directly with video chats and white boards, sketching tools, archives and document libraries. You will find also some very interesting gaming tools to engage with young profile customers to motivate them in their “second life”, and of course, you can have your Moodle on your phone with the Moodle app. use this url and your login information to connect:

We train our employees to use all the tools we provide on a voluntary basis to paid members.


All our employees are required to accept a background check at the request of our customers.

All our employees working with children, elderlies and disable people are requested to have a paid background check. The fee we apply for the background check is paid by the employee and provides the employee a badge that all customers may see on their profile. This badge is a certification that we have checked the records. We may provide this background check to parents, children and tutors.

Any employee may request to have a paid background check in order to secure their customers and show a verified badge on their profile.


We proceed all the payrolls online and each payment you receive is added to your employee space where you see the total gross wage, the total fees we charge and your “take home money”. We don’t print and we don’t send any printed document by mail, but you have access to our payroll system where you can download all your detailed pay stubs.


We have 4 categories of membership:

+ Sponsor, charged $1,500 a year,
+ Customer, charged $120 a year,
+ Employee, charged $84 a year,
+ Month to month, charged $18 each month.

To learn more about the benefits of our plans, please visit our memberships page.


Groups are categories of people who can network within their own group. Investors will meet other investors, customers will meet other customers and employees will meet other employees. Each group is private unless some groups that we made public to promote events, sports, outings and contests.

Groups are a very powerful tool for our employees since one person may know a customer who needs some kind of services that an other employee may provide. Employees can rate their customers in their own group and customers may rate our employees in their own group.


Sponsors are a very specific group dedicated to our sponsors. In this group, they can maintain a blog and communicate with our audience to sell products, services, inform and communicate. They can embed their TV channel, their picture galleries and all the functionalities of our blogs. All the other groups are restricted to their own groups. The blogs of our sponsors are public.


We offer a maximum of tools to help improve our employees’ services. Employees can teach online with The Pink Jackalope School. All the courses appear in the Portfolio accessible with the menu “MY SPACE“. Artists can auction their creations and employees can sell their tools, stocks, anything tangible that they may ship by mail.


Each product, each service and each course are associated with a QR Code. When you become a member, we also create a QR code linked to your Profile and printed on the ID card that we send to you. With this QR code, any customer can log in your profile and pay your services.


The word “blog” is a contraction of “web log”. It was originally designated to compile information and share this information with a restricted group. Companies have used web logs to manage projects and bring a follow up of their activities to investors.

All our groups have the possibility to use their blog in their own groups, but their own group only, except for our sponsors whose blogs are public.


The Portfolio of any registered member, customer, employee, sponsor, investor, staff, teachers, students… is accessible with the button “MY SPACE“. This button is the connection between the Internet and all the tools we provide on this platform.


Among all the services that we offer, we created a platform to sell our employees’ classes. Each new class is listed under the portfolio of the teachers. Our teachers have their own specific blog to communicate with their students. Students can also have a blog to share their experience about our classes. You can have all the courses on your phone with the Moodle application. The url is:

The design and the content is still under development, but the building is up and it’s written school. The project is to transform the all design and the all content into a kid friendly school to stimulate the willing to learn and to discover.

All the classes to learn how to use our platform are free and can be found on the Pink Jackalope Portfolio.


We archive in the knowledge base all the FAQs, the documentation and the documents relative to employment, researches, statistics, facts, and articles. We also send press releases that we archive in the knowledge base.


This site is so dense that it can be a burden to read it all, so we have created a tool to place a reader on each page that will read the content for you. You will learn how to use the reader in the knowledge base.


On each employee’s portfolio, customers can ask for a quote. Please read our recommendations for employees and recommendations for customers before you ask for a quote. The purpose of this tool is not to lower the value of the wage of our employees, but rather to request a full estimate of time and materials. We also recommend our customers to read the disclaimer before they move forward on their projects. Construction jobs are more likely than any other jobs to go over budget and our role as a company, is to make sure that our employees are properly paid for their work.


We have only one newsletter for all our profiles. Sponsors and employees may use this newsletter by sending their articles to the webmaster. We send a newsletter maximum once a week. The content of the newsletter is accessible through our RSS link.


We write monthly reports to speak with our own words of the events that make this company. Featured employees, featured sponsors, featured customers, featured projects, our results and our evolution. Those reports are only accessible with a subscription that you can buy on the front page.

The reports are an internal communication tool to boots the energies of all our most supportive members who participate in this company with paying their membership.


While we start the activities on this platform, we only provide a Google Voice number at (702) 706-2307. You can leave a message and we call back. The Google Voice is connected to all our phones and computers so we can respond fast to your messages.


The project of the radio is to perform interviews about our employees’ experience with this platform. You can use the Google Voice to record your messages and we post them on the radio to make them available to everybody. Tell us what you think about this project, how you think it is going to help you. Support us and promote our initiative.


We are on Nextdoor and we need you to recommend us in your neighborhoods so more employees will join us and more customers will buy our services.






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